Well where do I begin with Amy & Brad? We were familiar with each other after meeting for their engagement session in August – they were warm, welcoming and easy to be with so I knew that working with them on their wedding day would be a piece of cake.

The wedding day started at Amy’s house for some images of the girls getting ready before I headed off to a tiny little church to meet the guys. And it really was so tiny that I almost missed it! But Amy had warned me to look for a some wilted sunflowers and low-and-behold there were a handful of dying sunflowers surrounding the church sign. But as droopy at they were, the thought behind it was sweet: Amy and Brad had planted sunflowers in their backyard and hoped to use them for the engagement session. Unfortunately the flowers hadn’t bloomed by early August so we made plans for a different location. Brad still wanted to use them for the wedding and took them from the backyard to the church. The only thing missing was water to keep the flowers alive 😉

The forecast was rain but I think everyone had high hopes…until halfway through the ceremony when it began to pour. And it was still raining pretty hard when we made our way from the church to the reception location at the Williamstown fairgrounds. I had never been to the fairgrounds before but Amy and her team of family & friends did an amazing job transforming the barn into a gorgeous reception venue!

Despite the rain, the day was absolutely perfect.  And Amy & Brad lived happily ever after. The end 🙂


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