Now that wedding season is right around the corner I have noticed a huge surge in wedding inquiries. The Brides who contact me all have various wants & requests for their wedding day. And rightly so – after all it IS their big day. But lately I’ve noticed a select few who, due to budget constraints, decide to forego any pre-wedding coverage and opt in favour of extensive reception coverage instead. This has even come with the request that I meet the Bride at the ceremony location as she arrives. Say WHAT?! That’s right…like mere minutes before the ceremony will start.

I’m of the belief that if you are going to hire someone to capture your precious memories we should at least have a few minutes (or hours) ahead of time to get to know each other. And for you to get used to me being around with my camera. Nothing is worse than stiff, posed photos because the Bride and Groom haven’t gotten comfortable with you or your equipment.  This could also be a good plug for having me do an engagement session…it allows everyone to get comfortable with each other 😉 Luckily for me, most clients are eager to have me capture some of the wedding day preparations like hair, make-up, getting into the wedding dress…and all the camaraderie that goes along with it. Here are some images I pulled together from past weddings…all of them were taken pre-ceremony of course 😉

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